Engineer Snapshot

Saks Fifth Avenue, Dec 2016

Saks Fifth Avenue, Dec 2016


Devin Pigera

How old ?

Studied ?
B.S Information and Computer Science
University of California Irvine
Specialization in system software design

Experience ? College:
Co-Founded and grew a terrestrial radio listening experience called RadioFlag to 100k users and 6 platforms in 14 months. 

Worked at MobilityWare, the makers of the #1 Solitaire and Spider Solitaire iOS app. Had fun with card shuffling algorithms.

Experience ? Post-College:
Phunware Inc: 4.5 years. A mobile design and engineering agency. Built native iOS apps for large-scale entertainment clients including CW Networks, CBS, NBC, Univision, WWE and the NFL. 

Switched to a platform team. Gained extensive experience building iOS SDKs and architecting APIs (Push Notification, Analytics, Content Management, Indoor Navigation with BLE).

Became a rapid prototype engineer. The product strategy team explored product opportunities, and I'd work with them to create high-velocity prototypes to test and validate ideas before full development began.

Competed in a series of Hackathons (wins at Google iOS Hackathon 2013, CodeDay LA 2015, AT&T 2015), and maintained a 70-80% travel schedule while coding in planes/hotels for various demos and partner integrations. Helped drive revenue numbers $1.38m and $1.24m in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Built a full-stack skill set (Objective-C, NodeJS, MySQL, EmberJS, UI/UX, Photoshop, Illustrator vector design, MVP strategy, product architecture, rapid iterating).

Spent extensive time facing customers and guiding them towards optimal mobile solutions. Clients included Dubai International Airport, Macerich, Hyatt, Kaiser, Dignity Health and the Smithsonian. 

Spent first half of 2016 studying algorithms for mobile indoor navigation. My area of specialty was path/route optimization problem sets. This resulted in 2 patents filed in indoor navigation and device identification on wifi networks. 

What are you doing now ?
Currently lead web engineer on an Ember JS web team for a brand new HR Communications platform in Austin, TX. Launching in Q1 2017! Back to classical programming values. Sprints, retrospectives, 90%+ test coverage, 9-5 work days, pair programming, GIT/code review best practices.

Travel ? 
Quite a bit growing up.

Born in Sri Lanka, moved to Staten Island New York till I was 5, back to Sri Lanka till I was 17, some time in England, and then Newport Beach California for the rest of it. Moved to Austin, Texas recently.

F1, CPT, OPT, 2x H1-B, PR. If you understand these initials, you too would have been humbled by the experience.

Fun ?  
Crossfit. Enjoy learning Olympic lifting. Yoga. Helps with the focus. Mobility. 

Piano. Played 6 years classical, Trinity College London. Now it's mostly indie. A dream is to eventually be groovy enough to play at some local coffee shops. 

Reading. Working through Asimov Foundation at the moment. Book 4 of 7. Outside of that, spend a lot of time reading about psychology/optimization (Flow, Habit, etc.)

Co-Operative living. Big fan. Seems perfect in your late 20s.

Cars. Dodge Challenger/ HEMI engine enthusiast. Currently on the search for a vintage 1971.

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